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Locksmith in North Shields

At Locksmith North Shields, we follow the British Standards Institute (BSI) guidelines for the applications of picking, bumping, extraction, snapping, and drilling procedures. The BS-EN standards specify all the technical and functional parameters for safe and secure locksmith practices with the best quality in the industry. By following them in our services, we are able to win our customer trust in North Shields.

About Us

We have a vast pool of resources for delivering the industry standard solutions at your doorstep. We can carry out full-fledged security checks related to compliance with the most potential risks and threats. Then we give you a complete report of our analysis and suggest the best locksmith services for ensuring long-lasting solutions.

  • Experience:  Experience is the foundation on which our services work. Having spent decades in the industry, our experience has taught us how to provide instant solutions to the most complex problems you face. We extend our services to your home, office, business establishment, automobile, and safety vaults and lockers. Detailed analysis and root-cause determination is our speciality. Then we can find the most efficient and fastest way to the solution at the most economical pricing. Consistency in delivering the best quality has kept us miles ahead of the competition in North Shields.
  • Specialisation: We have a large team of experts who specialise in multiple locksmith activities. Having gone through extensive training in security solutions, we can handle the most advanced equipment and tools for scanning, key-making,   lock opening, repairs and replacement services. Our specialisation ranges from the mechanical locks to the most advanced bio metric systems.
  • Punctuality: We follow the principle of punctuality in all aspects of our services. Give us a call, and we will be there at your specified location at the scheduled time. We use the most advanced technology tools for problem analysis and solution determination. We can solve your problem within the shortest possible time and restore your system into the best working condition.

Our Services

  • Digital Locks:  We can handle all brands and models of digital locks for the buildings and automobiles. We have the best equipment for code reading, decoding, lock opening, and new code assigning. We can perform these tasks without making any compromises on your enhanced security needs and the existing mechanism of the locking system. We restore your digital locks to the original working condition with the new set of codes which will be known only to you and your family members.
  • Distributed Locks: The distributed multi-point locks provide single point access and security to your entire home. You can use them for master doors, windows, interior French-doors, and other points of exit and entry to your home. We have the experience and expertise in handling all types of multi-point locks for picking, drilling, bumping, extraction, and other repairing and replacing services.
  • Master Keys: As a home and business owner, you may need master keys which can open all the doors and points of entry/exit with a master key. The locking mechanism could vary for every point, depending on the brand and model you have installed. We can simplify the complexity by analysing every lock with our scanning tool. Our master-key cutting tool can give you secure complete access without any hassles.
  • Mechanical Locks: The modern mechanical locks in North Shields come in multiple forms of combination with digital, electrical, and electronic systems. Many of them have keys while the others are key less. We can handle all types of padlocks, combination locks, deadbolts, cylindrical locks, and multi-styled handle-locks. The key benefit of choosing our services is the level of customisation you get.  We strive to restore the most complex breakdown condition back to perfect working. It is due to our detailed understanding of the locking mechanism that we are able to unlock the latches, pins, number locking and complex notches.
  • Hybrid Locks: We can handle all types of hybrid locks used on main doors, and sensitive exit/entry points. Replacement of lost or broken keys, plate and cylinder replacement, clamping and pin adjustments, core keying, lock cutting, and code card replacement are some of our specialisations with the hybrid locks.   
  • Auto Locks: opening, repairing and component replacements for auto locks could be a complex task due to the vast range of designs and locking mechanisms. We have the experience of working with every OEM locking system of the British, European, American, and global automakers’ lock specifications. We can replace the damaged and malfunctioned parts with the genuine components. Our experts can extract broken keys and replace them with newly-cut keys on the spot. If you have remote keys with firmware code, we can decode and assign new codes. We have the expertise in repairing and replacing the microchips on your auto locks and keys instantly.
  • Safe Keys: At Locksmith North Shields, we can handle all types of electronic, mechanical and combination safe locks. Swing-bolt locks, pivot-bolt locks, deadbolt locks, and the re-locker plates are some of the main locking mechanisms we deal with. We can repair and replace locks and keys after scanning the lock mechanism and removing the skeleton-mechanism that is causing the problems.

Our Quality

Quality is a measurable value, and hence it can improve. We aim at continuously improving our standards based on customer requirements. We measure our success based on the reviews, rating, testimonials, and the business we get from our customers in North Shields.

We invite you to read through all the social media reviews and testimonials about our quality, pricing and the level of customer satisfaction. Then you will know about the reasons for our rising popularity in the North Shields today. Visit our services page on our site and get a clear understanding of what we have to offer. Then you can save our contact details and emergency numbers on your Smartphone. It will help you reach us instantly whenever in need.

Our Address: North Shields Locksmiths, Amron House, Borough Road, North Shields, NE29 6RN

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 00:00 – 00:00Phone – 0191  364 3981

North Shields is first recorded in 1225, when the Prior of Tynemouth, Germanus, decided to create a fishing port to provide fish for the Priory which was situated on the headland at the mouth of the River Tyne. He also supplied ships anchored near the priory. A number of rudimentary houses or ‘shiels’ were erected at the mouth of the Pow Burn where the stream enters the Tyne, as well as wooden quays which were used to unload the fishing boats. The quays were also used to ship coal from local collieries owned by the Priory. Soon the population of the new township numbered 1000. The burgesses of Newcastle upon Tyne were determined to preserve the custom rights that they had enjoyed up till then, which covered the whole length of the river. They successfully petitioned the king in 1290 and managed to suspend trade from the new settlement. It was forbidden to victual ships or to load and unload cargoes at North Shields. The opposition of the Newcastle burgesses remained for a considerable time but despite this, North Shields continued to develop as a centre for fishing and exporting salt, produced at local saltpans. For a considerable period the Newcastle burgesses, known as the Hostmen, who controlled the export of coal from the Tyne, resisted the export of this commodity from North Shields.The town was originally restricted to a narrow strip of land alongside the river (around the present-day Clive Street) because of the steep bank which hemmed it in. Eventually the town became too overcrowded and in the 18th century buildings began to be erected on the plateau 60 feet (20 m) above the old, overcrowded, insanitary dwellings alongside the river. The prosperous businessmen and shipowners occupied the New Town whereas the working people remained in the lower part of town. The low, riverside part of the town was linked to the newer, higher part of the town by a series of stairs. These stairs were initially populated by slum dwellings. Although these dwellings have long since been cleared away, the sets of stairs still exist. One of the first developments of the new town was Dockwray Square, built in 1763: a set of elegant town houses that became populated by wealthy families. However, due to the poor provision of water and drainage facilities, the wealthy families soon moved to the more central part of the new town, especially the new Northumberland Square. Dockwray Square eventually deteriorated into slums. In the early twentieth century Stan Laurel lived at a house in Dockwray Square for a few years, before he became famous. The square has since been re-developed and a statue of Laurel stands in the middle to commemorate his stay there.

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We guarantee satisfaction. Just call us within 30 days of serviceand we’ll return to your home to remedy any problem.

Our Services

Burglary Repairs

Our burglary and break in repairs include removing damaged wood, supplying replacement timber and ensuring all structural issues are fixed. We can also install new locks if necessary.

Lock Fitting

We can advise on and install locks for every application, from adding additional locks to your home or garage, or opening locks you have lost the key for.

Lock Outs

We’re on hand 24 hours a day for your emergency lock outs. Whether you’ve lost your keys, broken them, or left them in the office, we can help you get back in your home with no or little damage.

Lock Repairs

Should your lock need fixing, we provide a full repair service, with no need to buy a new lock. Simply contact our team who will be able to advise on repairs.

Fantastic response. Locked out of our house and he was here in no time. We had a PVC door which has very hard locks to get into. Changed the lock in no time. Very reliable will definitely use in the future

Samantha Turner

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