Free Home Security Check on Your North Shields Home

Free Home Security Check on Your North Shields Home

The security check on your North Shields home will consist of inspecting the doors, frames, hinges, windows, screen and storm doors, landscaping around your home, and the points of entry/exit and accessibility. An expert locksmith company will have security specialists who understand the risks and threat factors surrounding your home in North Shields. They can give you the most practical and feasible solutions to enhance the security barriers and simplify your accessibility features.

External Security Check

The external security checks may start from the gate where you have to inspect the latches and bolts with the security padlocks. Mechanical locks can provide the kind of firmness and strength required for the metallic gate. You can ask your locksmith to reinforce it with a sensor and alarm system. Motion detectors which can scan a distance of a few meters external to the gate with a comprehensive angular coverage can be helpful.

Garage Security

A garage is the most vulnerable security risk for your home. Hence, you should get the best possible security system with foolproof locking. The locksmith can inspect the doors, ventilators, fire-exit, storm door, and windows of your garage for the risk of breaking-in. He can also check the passage and connecting windows with your home and suggest the best security measures.

Main Doors

The main entry/exit doors for your home should have the safest and securest locks which can also integrate perfectly with the door and frame.

  • Strength: The locksmith can test the strength, durability, and resistance to the elements for all the main doors, windows and the points of access in your home. He can suggest measures for enhancements, repairs, and replacements wherever required.
  • Stability: Stability is the most important factor for the door, frames, and the metallic reinforcements. If you have a mail-slot or a pet-door, the distance between them and the lock should be more than 50” according to the British standards. Otherwise, he may suggest you have an external mailbox away from the door and make alternate pet home which doesn’t open into your residence.


Free airflow into your home and removal of hot air from your home depends on the ventilator efficiency. The locksmith can check for every possibility of security risks and suggest the best method of locking for protection.


If your home architecture design is the Victorian, Georgian or similar type, then you have to take additional care for locking. They should be sturdy, secure and unbreakable. Access points should be from the house interiors. Adding a layer of sensors and alarms can add extra security to your home.


The locksmith in North Shields can inspect the landscape around your home (external to the gate and fencing) and suggest the best security measures to ensure maximum protection. You may need to raise the fencing walls, provide steel reinforcements, and change the locks on the gate and related points of access and entry.

We have a dedicated team of security expert and locksmiths who can perform all these tasks to give you the most practically adaptable methods. Call us today for more information.

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