Who has keys to your North Shields home?

Who has keys to your North Shields home?

Possession of the home keys after occupancy is the most critical factor you should consider in North Shields. Property seller will have all the master keys to main doors, interior windows, French-Doors,   glazed doors, fire doors, etc. The others who may have the keys could be the plumber, electrician, architect, property dealer, and housemaid.

The property seller may hand over all the keys if you have purchased the property. If you are on rental or lease, he may retain a set of duplicate keys which you will never know.

Property Dealer

The property dealer (Agent) might have borrowed the set of keys from the owner to enable “seeing” for the potential customers. It will be the owner’s responsibility to collect those keys and handover them to you. You could remind him about it once the deal is over and you have taken over the ownership.

Talk to the property owner/agent and find out who else has the keys to your home in North Shields. Make a list, call everyone and ask them to return the keys. Some of them may oblige while the others may not. Some of them could be out of reach.

You can’t compromise on your home security, just because the people having keys are not reachable. The best way is to change the locks and be peaceful.

Cost Vs Security

The cost of replacing all the locks may seem to be expensive, but it is worth your investment. Calculate the value of your household belongings and compare it with the expense of the locks. The result is obvious and known to you.

Lock Changes

Changing the locks of the main entry/exit doors is your first task after the occupancy. Taking the consent letter from your homeowner (rental/lease) will keep you safe from legal hassles. Most of the North Shields homes may have locks for the internal doors, while the others may not have. It is a better practice to change all the keys if you wish to ensure comprehensive protection of your property.

Locksmith North Shields

The locksmith in North Shields has the experience and expertise in selecting the best types of lock and key system to your home.  Have a consultation and plan the design.

  • Individual Locks: Individual locks for your home’s main entry and exit doors ensure maximum security. You may choose mechanical or composite lock depending on the risk and threat factors. The lock should behave like a substantial barrier for the intruders. At the same time, it should allow easy access for you and family members who have the keys/access codes. It should work consistently without any mechanical or electronic breakdown. Having a rechargeable battery connected to the digital locks will ensure continuous working even during power-failures.
  • Multi-Point Locks: You can opt for multi-point locks for the internal doors, windows, patio doors, stable-door, and the French-doors.

As a Licensed Locksmith North Shields, we can supply, install, repair, and replace locks and keys for your home in a professional and trusted manner. Our specialisation is in enhancing the security features through electronic surveillance and monitoring systems.

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